Case Study

Non-GMO Grass-fed Dairy Helped Launch Bulletproof Coffee


A nutritional beverage customer was interested in formulating a keto-compliant beverage that capitalized on the “bulletproof” coffee trend. Because one of the cornerstones of the ketogenic diet is grass-fed dairy, the company came to us when they had trouble finding a premium dairy fat source such as butter powder for their proposed coffee drink.


The customer sampled Kerry’s Non-GMO Project Verified butter powder from the premium dairy collection. The butter powder delivered the taste and texture the customer wanted in their coffee beverage. Because the butter powder was from grass-fed cows in Ireland, it was able to be labeled as Non-GMO Project Verified dairy, providing a desirable label claim as well as a beneficial ratio of Omega-3 fatty acids, which are said to improve cardiovascular health.


When the final product went to market, the customer was able to make a Non-GMO Project Verified claim.

“Our partnership with Irish dairy farmers has allowed us to offer a Non-GMO Project Verified butter powder without the price tag of organic dairy. Our customer was able to add the butterfly symbol to their finished package product while achieving an optimal texture and an on-trend bulletproof coffee.”. 

— Tracy Matteson, Kerry Business Development for Taste

The Kerry Difference

Kerry's partnership with Irish dairy farms provided a steady and reliable supply of environmentally responsible grass-fed milk. Because the milk was already recognized by the Non-GMO Project, the most trusted third-party seal for GMO avoidance in North America, the customer could rest assured its product could be labeled with that claim.

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