Case Study

Low-alcohol Spirit Launched Using
Botanicals Collection ZERO


New research suggests 84% of global consumers are actively trying to reduce or moderate their alcohol intake, but many no- and low-alcohol products on the market are loaded with sugar and don’t provide a premium experience. A key leader in the world of spirits approached us to develop a low-alcohol spirit that delivered on taste and would appeal to consumers in search of a no- or low-alcohol solution.


Traditionally, ethanol is used to distillate botanicals, so most botanical extracts usually contain alcohol. Our research and development team for taste recognized the opportunity to create a new range of impactful distillates made without ethanol. The scientists applied their knowledge and expertise of more than 120 botanicals and, after several trials, they created Botanicals Collection ZERO, a product line that helps deliver the complex taste of botanicals such as rose bud, ginger and juniper without alcohol. By working in close partnership with the customer, the team was able to craft the right blend of botanicals into a beverage that delivered the intensity and freshness the customer wanted as well as authentic taste of a spirit, sans alcohol.


Using Botanicals Collection ZERO, the customer had a successful launch of its first low-alcohol spirit to the market. A second product was soon introduced and the customer aims to continue to surprise their consumers with innovative low-alcohol spirits.

“To deliver innovative solutions to our customers, we need to be ‘ready to go’ and able to provide various options in a short amount of time. Our aim is not to completely mimic spirits with alcohol, but rather to create a product that makes the consumer get a ‘Wahoo!’ effect in his or her mouth.”

— Michel Aubanel, Kerry Flavor Ingredients Global Development Manager

The Kerry Difference

Kerry’s entrepreneurship mindset has allowed us to innovate at pace and to create a complete new range of distillates to support our customer in their low alcohol journey. The expertise and creativity of our taste research and development team was critical in delivering an innovative and successful solution to our customer.

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