Case Study

High-protein Bar Launched with a Smooth Texture


A prominent breakfast cereal and bar company wanted to launch a new high-protein line of nutrition bars. Their goal was to create a bar that served up a healthy portion of protein while also delivering pleasing mouthfeel and texture, something they found lacking in the other, often gritty or chalky, bars on the market.


A talent team including research and development and nutrition joined forces to work on a solution for this customer that provided high protein and smooth texture. Drawing from our library of functional ingredients, Kerry protein solutions were included in the formulation for the brand new bars, including:

  • Ultranor™ Total Novel Texture (TNT), a dairy protein range produced from fresh skimmed milk from grass-fed cows in Ireland. The range is designed to meet the functional needs of the nutritional bar sector.
  • Ultranor™ MPI 9075, a 100% dairy-based, ultra-filtered, complete, intact, spray-dried protein sourced from grass-fed dairy herds in Ireland

The final formulation delivered the mouthfeel and texture the customer wanted. It worked in tandem to deliver the requested amount of protein while providing an experience that was consumer-preferred during the customer’s own test panel, which compared Kerry products to several other products.

Ultimately, two flavours were debuted on the marketplace, with the solutions sourced directly from Kerry’s supply chain. Additional flavours are currently in the planning stages.



The food company met its target of 18 grams of protein in each individual bar while eliminating common texture challenges.

“Ultranor™ TNT improves the overall taste and textural attributes of protein bars. It’s also proven to reduce the hardening of protein bars over the shelf life of the bar. Delivering on these parameters was key with this product. Combining Ultranor™ TNT with Ultranor™ MPI 9075 allowed the brand to reach its protein content target while delivering on bar texture.”

—Conor Power, Kerry Business Development Manager for Proteins

The Kerry Difference

A cross-functional team, including RD&A, strategic marketing, procurement, operations, business development, sales, supply chain and commercial finance worked together to make the product a success. Because of this collaboration, we were able to deliver the mouthfeel and texture the customer wanted while using our one-stop supply chain solutions.

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