Case Study

Gluten-Free Oat Creamer Developed to
Meet Rising Trend


A producer of alternative dairy products wanted to diversify its coffee creamer portfolio. The goal was to create an oat creamer that was vegan, plant-based and free-from nut allergens that could be sold in the same shelf-stable packaging used for its other products. The brand wanted the final oat coffee creamer to contain no added sugars; be non-GMO, gluten-free and kosher and also have the ability to froth.


This request came in while our research, development and applications team was already working to expand our functional grains portfolio due to growing consumer demand. By utilizing this robust supply of raw materials plus our taste expertise and spray drying heritage, we were able to meet the customer’s requirements swiftly, allowing them to meet their launch date and be early to market with a gluten-free oat creamer for coffee beverages.

In addition, while most consumers read nutrition labels, this brand believed their customers pay an even closer attention to detail than most. To help their technical director answer the many anticipated questions about gluten testing, raw material sourcing and more, we supplied full transparency, noting that the oats for this product are only sourced from gluten-free certified farms and handled by gluten-free certified production facilities.


The company was so pleased with the product and the consumer response to it that they’re now partnering with us on another exciting opportunity.

"This company saw the momentum behind oat and quickly realized that this would be a great addition to their portfolio for those with nut allergies, or just looking to try something new. The resulting product has zero sugar and zero carbs, is gluten free and it tastes great!"

— Christina Buckalew, Kerry Account Executive

The Kerry Difference

This was a coordinated effort between many functions including food science and sourcing. The customer was reassured when our regulatory team was able to not only confirm that every lot of our oat flour is tested for gluten, but also that our oat suppliers use a purity protocol.

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