Case Study

Creating a Functional Hot Beverage with BC30®


Satisfy consumer need for comfort, convenience and wellness

A global convenience store chain asked us to suggest new concepts for its vending machine coffee, hot chocolate and cappuccino program. Because the COVID-19 pandemic has made consumers more aware of and interested in improving their health and wellness, including increasing consumption of functional ingredients such as probiotics, we partnered to create a delicious and healthy hot beverage product.


Adding an easy-to-formulate research-supported ingredient to a regularly consumed drink

Our team knew that adding probiotics to a regularly consumed and pre-portioned beverage such as vending machine coffee, hot chocolate or cappuccino would help deliver the correct serving size of probiotics for efficacy. We added to a new hot beverage formulation our research-supported probiotic BC30®, which can help support digestive health and immune health and may help support protein utilization. BC30 was selected for its health qualities, and because it remains stable in hot beverages and survives all the way to the intestines, where it can do its work. The customer was excited about the beverage’s functional appeal, and that we’d created a new flavour which highlighted an intense coffee note and could be added to their current hot beverage product line. The final formulation was a dry beverage mix with 1 billion CFU of BC30 per portion which could be served through vending machines.



Since launch, demand for the BC30 hot beverage in vending machines has steadily grown.

“Our marketing teams help us identify current trends, including the impact of COVID-19 and the new global and local customer´s requirements and behaviours. We were able to provide the customer with health and nutrition solutions aligned to these market trends, as well as an exceptional experience in hot beverages.”.

— Alejandra Álvarez, Account Manager, Kerry Convenience LATAM

The Kerry Difference

Kerry approached the customer with strong consumer insights that mapped the unmet consumer need for convenience and wellness. We developed a great-tasting product, embedding probiotics into the formula while guaranteeing product flow and performance in the vending machine and ensuring each dose had the required amount of probiotics. Our regulatory team provided support, including language recommendations for the customer’s promotional materials, and our creative teams helped brainstorm in-store promotions.

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