Case Study

Bringing Innovation to Fish and Seafood Coating Systems


Create an appealing breaded fish product

A well-known branded fish processor in Northern Europe wanted to introduce a new and innovative breaded fish fillet product to its range. The product needed to have a new, memorable taste and also deliver visual appeal inspired by artisan baking methods and international bakery techniques.


Translating trends into an innovative fish coating

Kerry’s team started by identifying the most up-to-date artisan bakery trends and exploring market and consumer insights. When our chefs and food scientists began to collaborate with the customer’s team, they focused on brainstorming ways to translate trending bakery techniques into innovative fish coating solutions. By leveraging our expertise in coating systems, the team developed a winning pretzel breadcrumb coating system inspired by German traditional bakery techniques. The customer was delighted with the unique visual appearance, taste and crunchy texture of the pretzel coating and final product, and immediately worked to add the new and authentic artisan offering.


Consumer response to the pretzel coated fillet was so positive that the customer decided to use the same coating system to launch a new fish finger product.

“Our technical expertise and local knowledge of the market allowed us to develop a number of innovative and on-trend coating propositions for this fish product, and the pretzel breadcrumb coating concept was the ultimate winner”.

—Wolfgang Nordmeyer, Kerry Sales Account Manager, Europe

The Kerry Difference

During the development process, we hosted a collaborative chef-to-chef innovation session with the customer. Pooling our ideas was key to creating a new product for the category, and helped to foster a truly strategic partnership with the customer.

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