Case Study

Enzymes Reduced Food Waste, Improved Production for Cracker Manufacturer


Improve production throughput using clean label solutions

A cracker manufacturer was experiencing processing challenges that resulted in up to 30% of their product not meeting quality control requirements. The customer approached us for a clean label solution that would greatly reduce the amount of waste and halve the cracker dough development time from four to two hours.



Kerry’s Biobake™ enzymes improved dough development, reducing waste and optimizing efficiencies

Our enzyme applications teams worked with the customer to understand their process and pain points and identified a solution that would lower the baking temperature, increase oven speed and throughput and optimize water content. Leveraging Kerry’s Biobake enzyme range, our scientists developed a customized solution that addressed the customer’s production line challenges without having to modify the company’s existing manufacturing process. This Biobake enzyme system improved the customer’s dough consistency and mixing, ensuring optimum dough development. The new formulation produced uniform crackers with no shrinkage and reduced waste and improved plant efficiencies across all lines.



The customer was able to reduce food waste from 30% to 10% while also halving their dough development time, leading to improved sustainability, cost savings and quality.

"The success of this project was enabled by our strong customer relationship. As a company, we had earned trust through previous customer engagements using Kerry flavour and seasoning technologies. We were delighted to again partner with this customer and develop a customized Biobake enzyme that delivered such a significant reduction in waste as well as overall improvements in yield efficiencies and quality."

—Bogdan Farjon, Kerry RD&A Principal Scientist, North America

The Kerry Difference

By gaining a deep understanding of our customer’s production line and recommending process and formula changes, we were able to provide a holistic solution that led to an improved product and combined savings in line throughput, labour, energy and food waste.

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