Case Study

Doughnut Freshness and Shelf Life Improved,
Waste Reduced


A global food company approached Kerry with the objective of improving the softness and shelf life of their doughnuts without compromising on key taste components. The goal was to improve characteristics including freshness and texture while also extending the overall shelf life of the yeast raised doughnut.


Kerry’s enzyme and bakery applications teams worked together to create a new formulation that included a product from the Biobake range of enzymes which was designed to delay the staling process in doughnuts. The new recipe met the company’s demands and cost targets. The resulting doughnuts maintained their soft texture and improved their eating quality and volume with the same weight. The Biobake enzyme solution was easily sourced from Kerry’s Carrigaline, Ireland, plant and the new formulation required no changes to the label or nutritional profile of the doughnut, although the product’s shelf life and freshness increased from 7 days to 10.


The new recipe with Biobake reduced waste and cut down on formulation complexity. The product had a successful launch, reaching record sales. This spurred the company to release the product in other markets, where it has also fared well.

“This product was a success with consumers, and it also strengthened the relationship between the food brand and Kerry. Our partnership continues to grow and we’ve gained the customer’s trust. We’re currently working together on a new project”.

—Liz Lalor, Kerry Global Assistant Marketing Manager for Enzymes

The Kerry Difference

This project reinforced Kerry’s positioning as a true partner for innovation. We helped our customer deliver on their shelf life target while improving the mouthfeel of the product. Our positive engagement on this has opened the door to additional projects involving other Kerry technologies, highlighting our understanding of how different technologies work together. The ingredients used for this product were produced at a nearby Kerry facility, which further improved product sustainability and cost.

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