Case Study

Collaboration Led to a Higher Quality Instant Noodle


A well-known noodle and ramen company asked for our help in creating an instant noodle product that featured an improved texture and only clean label ingredients. For this product, the company was interested in creating spicy wok aromas. The company was having trouble creating this flavour and making an instant noodle that didn’t stick together during cooking.


A cross-corporations team of chefs and scientists began work together at the concept stage. To develop an authentic wok flavour, traditional cooking methods were used to give the team a starting place and an end goal. Next came natural ingredients from Kerry’s savoury flavours and extracts portfolio, which were combined with other flavours such as clean smoke through a thermal process to deliver an authentic taste.

To rework the noodle cake, emulsifier technology was applied to improve the texture of the noodles and to keep the product from sticking together when boiled. In the final formulation, the noodles remained separate and retained the expected mouthfeel.


The brand was able to market a brand new flavour and formulation which tasted like a restaurant-quality soup. It featured the labeling specifications they set out to meet and incorporated clean label ingredients.

“Our in-depth understanding of the markets, products and technologies, as well as our chef-to-shelf approach, helped us deliver a total solution to win over the customer.”

—Ki Won Um, Kerry Vice President of Taste

The Kerry Difference

By merging our knowledge of culinary foundations and clean smoke technologies, we were able to create a chef-cooked authentic wok flavour that met our customer’s expectations. Our library of premium savoury yeast products and flavour technologies helped them to improve their noodle soup base taste while our emulsifier technologies removed the textural issue in the noodles.

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