Case Study

Delivering Clean Liquid Smoke to Meat Products Inside a Retail Store


Establish a safe and clean in-store meat and fish smoking operation

Sausages, salami and processed meats are common in the Ukraine. Many meat products are smoked conventionally by smouldering wood. However consumers are becoming more concerned about the negative impact these products may have on health, and retailers are conscious of the health and safety risks of the smoking process.

With these considerations in mind, a Ukrainian retailer approached Kerry to develop a safe and clean way to smoke both meat and fish products in the deli section of the store, in front of customers, using liquid smoke.


Showcasing our liquid smoke solution from creation to application

Kerry began investigating ways to display our CleanSmoke™ liquid smoke technologies and highlight the way it is created from three key natural elements: heat, wood and water. We worked with our equipment partner Bastra to install smoking machines with separate chambers for meat and fish in two of the retailer’s stores. Although the in-store iterations work on a much smaller scale, they follow the same process we use to create our CleanSmoke ingredients: Smoldering sawdust, capturing the smoke cloud in pure water, then removing tar and ash to deliver a traditional smoke flavour.

The in-store setup allowed our customer to smoke products safely in front of retail shoppers in a healthier and more environmentally-friendly way. It also provided the retailer with a unique opportunity to engage with consumers on the benefits of this smoking process over traditional smoking and to differentiate its products from the competition.



A rollout of additional in-store smoking facilities is in the works, owing to the success of the initial launch.

“Through our unique CleanSmoke capability, we were able to deliver a real smoked product that is smoked in-store in the presence of consumers. The products have uniform colour and taste and are reduced in unwanted substances and carcinogens that are retained in the conventional smoking process.”

—Maksim Perekheida, Kerry Sales Account Manager, Meat, Ukraine

The Kerry Difference

Kerry’s CleanSmoke by Red Arrow technology is refined smoke condensate created from a 100% natural proprietary process using only wood, heat, water and filtration. By replicating this unique process on a smaller scale, we were able to deliver consistency of smoke, colour and flavour outside our factory setting. This unusual request helped us demystify the liquid smoke process for our customer and their consumers.

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