Case Study

Brewing Efficiencies and Carbon Footprint
Improved with Bioglucanase™ XF


A multinational alcoholic beverage company had a well-selling beer product, but they wanted to improve production efficiencies across their brewing process. They were also curious to see if the carbon footprint of their brewing operations could be reduced.


A Kerry team consisting of brewmasters and research and development scientists proposed the use of a newly designed brewing enzyme, Bioglucanase® XF. This enzyme stays active for longer as a result of higher thermostability, improves filtration performance in standard and crossflow systems, lowers process losses and improves fermentability. The enzyme effectiveness was demonstrated at production scale trials, where it established its ability to bring multiple productivity, sustainability and cost benefits to the customer. In addition to improving production efficiencies, our holistic solution has the added benefit of reducing waste and carbon footprint.


Bioglucanase XF helped the brewer achieve greater extract yields while reducing the company’s carbon footprint. For example, the new formulation improved its brewhouse vessel turnaround by 36%.

“Bioglucanase XF performance in brewhouse and on crossflow filter was outstanding." 

— Customer Brewing and Fermentation Manager

“Following the successful introduction of Bioglucanase XF in the product, our team is now working with the brewer to increase the percentage of raw barley used in production. This will allow them to achieve further operational efficiencies and carbon footprint reduction while lowering the overall cost."

— Billy Ryan, Kerry Senior Business Development Manager

The Kerry Difference

Because of our history in beer brewing, our brewmasters and scientists know the entire brewing process, from raw material to finished product as well as processing aid innovations, including enzymes. By suggesting Bioglucanase XF, which was already in Kerry’s enzyme range, we were able to come up with an appropriate solution that eliminated the time and expense needed to create a custom product.

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