Case Study

Relaunching a Better-For-You Alcoholic Beverage with Improved Flavor


Creating a better tasting better-for-you beverage

A large alcoholic beverage brand wanted to improve the taste of one of its ready-to-drink “better-for-you” alcoholic beverages. Testing showed that consumers didn't like the  taste profile, and initial sales of the product were lower than expected. Because of our existing partnership with the company, we were approached with an urgent request to quickly craft a quality replacement product that would win consumer loyalty while remaining within the calorie target.



Collaborating quickly on a winning flavor

The brand’s team visited our headquarters multiple times, working together with our scientists to optimize the taste profile with Kerry's portfolio of taste solutions. The collaborative work sessions led to the development of a winning flavor and a recipe that that still met the needs of consumers in the better-for-you alcoholic beverage space. By working rapidly and in tandem, the resulting formulation sailed through consumer sensory taste panels within just eight short weeks of being briefed.




The new product easily outscored the existing flavor profile in consumer testing. The beverage moved from ideation to launch in four short months.

"Our sensitivity to the customer’s needs, prioritization of their project and willingness to tackle challenges in a rapid and focused fashion helped build trust in Kerry’s alcoholic beverage development expertise."

— Aaron Dow, Kerry Account Manager, North America

The Kerry Difference

By partnering with our flavorists and scientists, the customer was able to rework the formula rapidly and successfully. Our ability to innovate on the spot and deliver creative solutions that don’t change label or nutrition information has positioned us as the customer's “go-to formulation experts.”

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