Case Study

Acrylamide Reduced by Using Acryleast™ in Organic Crackers


A cracker co-manufacturer came to us looking for a solution to reduce acrylamide in a private label whole wheat cracker. The solution had to be organic suitable and reduce acrylamide levels without changing the taste or texture of the product.


Kerry’s acrylamide experts worked with our customer, carrying out lab and plant trials to prove the seamless application of our acrylamide reducing processing aid, Acryleast, into their production line. This non-GMO solution breaks down asparagine, a naturally present amino acid that is key in the formation of acrylamide during cooking. Turnaround to implement this ready-to-go solution was quick, and we provided application support to ensure optimal results were achieved. Acryleast was deemed organic suitable by our customer’s organic certifying body meaning the resulting product could maintain its organic certification and positioning.




Our customer achieved an 85% reduction of acrylamide levels in their organic crackers while maintaining taste and texture and making minimal changes to the manufacturing process. The company has plans to trial Acryleast across their wider product range.

"We are now working with global food
and beverage manufacturers looking to reduce acrylamide in their products worldwide. Although new regulations are guiding these changes, many companies are implementing their own benchmark levels. With Acryleast, Kerry is ready to partner with our customers globally to help them address this serious health issue."

— Liz Lalor, Kerry Global Assistant Marketing Manager, Enzymes

The Kerry Difference

This project reinforces our market positioning as the only provider of a fully non-GMO acrylamide reducing solution suitable for use in organic food products in North America. Acryleast appeals to customers as an effective, clean label and versatile solution that works across a variety of manufacturing processes. Our mobile teams helped ease the setup process and ensured the customer got the results they wanted.

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