Kerry is a thought leader in taste and nutrition. Our insights and innovations help direct the future of food.

Kerry Discovery 360°: our philosophy to understanding consumer behaviour and market trends

Why do customers partner with Kerry to achieve business success in this rapidly changing marketplace?  Because we understand the direction the market is moving and act quickly to help customers bring new and innovative consumer-preferred foods and beverages to life faster and with greater overall consumer value.

At Kerry, we start this journey with understanding four major areas that influence new product development and trends in the food and beverage industry. We break these areas into four main pillars around understanding the marketplace, the consumer and the major factors impacting the areas of taste and nutrition.

Discover more about Kerry's Insights

Taste Insights

Taste is the number one priority for consumers. But what exactly is it? We unlock the science, culinary, sensory and consumer aspects of taste.

Taste Insights

Consumer Insights

Explore Kerry’s Megatrends – a global collaboration and consumer insight collection framework that identifies the drivers of consumer purchase behavior.

Consumer Insights

Nutrition Insights

The nutritional landscape is always changing. Find out how Kerry stays one step ahead by understanding the nutritional needs of consumers across their many different life stages.

Nutrition Insights

Market Insights

We go to great lengths to understand the marketplace and regulatory dynamics impacting the food and beverage industry.

Market Insights


It’s critical today to know your consumer, the marketplace and how it’s changing locally and globally to develop targeted solutions that consumers feel are made and speak to them, not at them. 

We utilise our vast suite of knowledge-based tools and proprietary research methods that span every category in every region around the world to identify, understand and translate data-driven insights, market trends, consumer behaviours, taste preferences and associated nutritional needs to help you develop new taste and nutrition opportunities.


Together with our customers, we imagine new ways to delight and nourish your consumers. 

By working closely with our wide range of global experts and using our in-depth flavour and application knowledge, we innovate and architect new opportunities for your business.  

Our suite of Kerry Discovery360 tools allow us to utilise both human engagements and technology platforms to quickly collect and analyse global market trends. This coupled with our network of over 23,000 employees allows us to strategically capture the hearts and minds of consumers around the world.


Together with our partners, we create market leading products, that are tested in real world environments.

Central to our innovation philosophy is the ability to develop better tasting and better for you foods and beverages that targeted to win with your end consumer in mind. 

From end to end, we provide a full range of both technical, innovative and tailored solutions that are ready for consumers to enjoy, whenever and wherever the opportunity arises.

Discovery driven by insight

Our people provide a wealth of expertise, ranging from our global culinary network of chefs, baristas and mixologists to our global MegaTrends research. 

This provides an in-depth understanding of the economic and market drivers, popular culture, culinary influences and technical innovations that are shaping the way we think, behave, and consume - ultimately affecting the future of food and beverage.

We utilise the newest mobile and digital technologies and research methodologies to uncover the market and consumer insights that satisfy and exceed consumer expectations.

Our internal Kerry network has no borders or boundaries and this wealth of global expertise drives our discovery, thinking and application capabilities.