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Today’s consumer wants innovation,  and at Swiss Bear, we are committed to constantly revisiting and innovating the way our customers use our products. From indulgent sauces to crunchy coating systems, we give chefs the freedom to customize and craft a signature flavour and mouthfeel that their customers know and love.

We procure the finest & best quality ingredients, combine them with the expertise of our culinary masters, and give you the best of the best products. Together with our in-depth understanding of local and regional markets, we are confident in delivering products that offer a fine-dining experience for your consumers.

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Coating Systems

Lasting crispiness guaranteed

Our breadcrumbs and batter mixes deliver a complete food coating system, supported by industry-leading expertise in coating applications, processing and taste. With our variety of coating solutions, you can ensure an even and consistent coating with low oil absorption and excellent adhesion to your fried recipes.


For a burst of flavour

By enhancing flavour and consistency across cuisines, sauces have preserved their place in every professional kitchen. Swiss Bear’s speciality sauces add a tasty twist that combines beautifully with your basic ingredients. Our portfolio gives you convenience in application and storage while bringing a kick of flavour and excitement to all your gourmet recipes as well as daily specials.