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Discover our diverse portfolio that allows you to craft customised and mouth-watering bakery goods.

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Exceptional solutions for premium taste and enhanced functionality

At Kerry, our focus is on delivering great-tasting bakery goods – whether it's for bread or fine patisserie treats. We help you create a wide variety of bakery products with varying texture, volume and colour using our versatile portfolio of bakery technologies.

Leverage our innovative technologies and all-inclusive portfolios of cake premixes, cake concentrates, bread improvers, cake gels, glazes and bakery flavours to produce great-tasting bakery goods that surprise and delight your customers.

Explore our range of solutions to enhance your bakery goods

Golden Dipt Premixes

Discover perfection with convenience

We provide premium-grade and ready-to-mix bakery solutions that help you improve quality, maintain freshness and minimise wastage while developing great-tasting cakes for consumers. Take a look inside our portfolio of premixes to create egg-free cakes that are suitable for all pastry applications.

Golden Dipt Concentrates

Making amazing cakes has never been easier

Our tailor-made concentrates are carefully crafted to provide an indulgent dessert experience to your consumers. Specialised for sponges, muffins, brownies and cupcakes from our food scientists. Available in egg-free and egg-based options, and including premium and economical versions, our concentrates allow recipe customisation to provide the taste, volume and texture to deliver a superior sponge with a moist and smooth mouthfeel.

Bread Improvers

For a brilliant bread experience

We can help you improve your dough handling experience while ensuring consistent results. Our range of bread improvers elevates both the baking process and the end products. To enhance the freshness, volume, shelf-life, softness, bite appeal and colour of your bread,  read more about our innovative bread improvers.

Golden Dipt Flavours

Discover the world of taste

Incorporating our proprietary extracts and expertise in bakery goods, we know how to overcome the flavour challenges that arise in developing great tasting bakery products such as cakes, cookies and desserts. Our flavour experts, R&D scientists and application specialists quickly and reliably deliver value-for-money solutions that ensure superior functionality with consistent taste and performance throughout the year.

Golden Dipt Cake Gels & Glazes

The easy way to prepare impressive and tasty cakes

At Kerry, we understand that visual representation plays an important role in inciting customers’ craving for bakery goods. To keep high standards of beauty and appeal in cakes, we give our customers the edge by enabling them to create a wide variety of bakery products with varying texture, shine and colour. Using our versatile portfolio of cake glazes and gels, we don’t just emphasize product colour and texture, but also improve taste and moistness while protecting and prolonging freshness.