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From refreshing beverages to mouth-watering bakery goods, our robust branded portfolio has a full range of solutions that are sure to win over your customers.

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Built on the highest quality taste and nutrition

Kerry’s foodservice brands are built to deliver the highest quality Taste & Nutrition. Our portfolio of brands, developed specifically with foodservice operators in mind, enables you to create innovative menu solutions that will delight your consumers.

With our extensive insights into the foodservice industry trends, dedicated team of chefs, bakers, baristas & mixologists , and with an innovative product portfolio, we deliver  comprehensive solutions for fresh ideas in the foodservice industry.

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DaVinci Gourmet

Flavour every moment

Consumers seek experiences that not only deliver on great taste but also elevate their moods, and with DaVinci Gourmet, you can create just that. Enhance your consumers’ beverage experience with DaVinci Gourmet beverage solutions that includes  syrups, sauces, fruit blends, beverage bases and more.

Our tailor-made beverage solutions cater to restaurants, cafés, bars & lounges, hotels, catering companies and campuses. We support our customers with menu innovation, point-of-sale marketing material, handy tips and a wealth of recipes from which to draw inspiration.

Established in 1989, DaVinci Gourmet was started to support the growing speciality coffee industry, but we did not stop there. DaVinci Gourmet is today a global brand that delivers smart beverage solutions by offering a range of superior quality products that combines the Art, Craft and Science of beverage innovation.

By providing unique flavours to create signature mixes and great-tasting beverages, we're opening up exciting possibilities for the beverage industry. With a strong presence in over 60 countries, DaVinci Gourmet is enabling beverage manufacturers and operators to meet the needs of consumers around the globe.

Golden Dipt

Exceptional solutions for premium taste and enhanced functionality

At Kerry, our focus is on delivering great-tasting baked goods – whether that’s for everyday breads or fine patisserie treats. We are one of the industry’s most innovative and all-inclusive portfolios of mixes, concentrates, improvers, gels & glazes, flavours and taste modulators to help you create the world’s best consumer-inspired bakery products.

Our technical expertise is built on the in-depth understanding of baking processes. We leverage our deep knowledge and insights from our in-house bakers, food scientists and technicians to craft baked goods solutions that deliver on indulgence, mouthfeel, texture and volume.

We give our customers the edge by enabling them to create a wide variety of bakery products with varying texture, volume and colour using our versatile portfolio of bakery technologies. This is something only Kerry can offer. Partner with us and let’s lead to better, together.

Swiss Bear

Taste in every bite

Welcome to our world of all things culinary! Food isn’t just another part of a daily routine to us. We at Swiss Bear are committed to constantly revisiting and innovating the way our customers use our products. Each and every offering, be it a sauce, a dressing, a batter or an accompaniment, creates a burst of flavours and a unique experience on the palate of food lovers.

We procure the finest & best quality ingredients, combine them with the expertise of our culinary masters, and give you the best of the best products. Together with our in-depth understanding of local and regional markets, we are confident in delivering products that delight consumers.

Experience the excellence of fruit

RAVIFRUIT offers food industry professionals innovative, 100% natural solutions to help them achieve their goals and inspire their creativity. We're the premier supplier of frozen fruit and vegetable purees, coulis, frozen fruit pieces, and compotées since 1981.

We believe in respecting and working with nature to grow fruit that is bursting with flavour and goodness. Our carefully designed processes ensure that the authentic flavours remain the same, from the orchard to your kitchen.

At Ravifruit, we strive to exceed the highest gastronomical standards of chefs while remaining approachable to all those who share our ethics and love of quality food. We have built a reputation for excellence, adhering to essential values to offer the best quality fruit.

Respecting these fundamental values, we have grown from a small business, into a global brand network spanning 65 countries through a network of distributors right across the world.

Our expert advisors are available to offer you inspirations, suggestions and help.