Tea with Health Benefits

A healthy body is a top priority among consumers, with COVID-19 driving consumer demand for hot beverages that support wellbeing.

Tea has long been associated with good health

Studies indicate polyphenols in tea, especially green and black tea, may prevent cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and slow the effects of aging.

Pu-erh, a fermented tea, is believed to lower the risk of cancer and improve good cholesterol. And there’s kombucha, another type of fermented tea that’s potentially a rich source of probiotics and a powerful antioxidant. The concept of adding probiotics to tea, therefore, is not far-fetched. 



Opportunity for tea in the health space

Consumers regard plants, herbs and botanicals like tea to deliver functional benefits: from relieving stress to promoting sleep and digestion, among others. More importantly, they see research or scientific data claims backing perceived health benefits or claims as the top reason to purchase a product.

The addition of healthy ingredients supported by published research can position a tea product to attract consumers.

The Kerry Advantage

As a leading Taste and Nutrition company, Kerry’s capability isn’t just in functionality. Our expertise is in combining nutrition and innovative flavours to create great tasting beverages with ingredients that boost health. 
We offer unique solutions to help you meet consumer demand for healthier products, such as GanedenBC30®. A scientifically-backed shelf-stable, spore-forming probiotic, GanedenBC30® is highly resistant to extremes of pH, heat, cold and pressure, creating new possibilities for fortification in tea.


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