Meat and Vegetarian Solutions

Deliver on-trend meat and vegetarian solutions that delight your consumers and help your business thrive.

Meet and Vegetarian Solutions

Access our expertise to make the most of your proteins

Lead the way in developing innovative meat, vegetarian and mock meat products with consumer-led insights and a team of experienced chefs, food scientists and R&D experts. Leveraging our research and sustainability techniques with a transparent supply chain and culinary know-how, we can help you deliver complete solutions for the Indian market.

Our portfolio of ingredients and integrated solutions, including coatings, seasonings, rubs and marinades, tandoori and smoked notes, fermentation and taste ingredients are designed to enhance the taste and texture of products. We can offer custom solutions that add to the taste of your meat, vegetarian and mock meat products to deliver unrivalled consumer experiences.

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Create crispy, crunchy and flavorful coated products - with our range of breaders, breadcrumbs, batters, binders, etc. for an indulgent and mouth-watering experience. Our FreshCrsipTM range is developed to provide long-lasting freshness and crispiness, targeted at home-delivery and in-store holding periods.

Seasonings & Marinades

Deliver appetising, on-trend and memorable taste experiences inspired by flavours from across the globe, crafted by our AuthenticSavouryTM portfolio.