Alcoholic Beverages

Get creative with our mixologists and sensory experts to offer new and exotic taste experiences across beer, wine and spirits.

Raising the bar in alcohol expertise

Be at the forefront of alcohol innovation by crafting new alcohol concepts, optimizing existing ones and minimise the time-to-market turnaround.

Kerry's capabilites include:

  • A proven portfolio of alcoholic beverage taste solutions that delivers novelty and authentic taste in wines and spirits, whisky, brandy, gin, vodka, etc.
  • Taste technology that supports increasingly popular claims like low sugar, low or no alcohol, etc.
  • A team of talents skilled in alcohol mixology and taste creation.


   Explore our range of products and solutions for alcohol innovation:

Alcohol Absolutes and Restoration Aromas

Flavours for Alcoholic Beverages

Beer and Malt Enhancers


Expert support for brewers, distillers and sommeliers


Stay ahead of the curve with our global technology and innovation centers across the world. Collaborate with an international team of experts to craft alcoholic drinks that excite the palate.