Brewing wellness in a cup of tea

More than just a drink that relaxes, tea offers the potential for added benefits that support overall health.

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Tastes Better

At Kerry we pride ourselves on a food from food ethos - applying natural sourcing, authentic culinary processes, and an innovative approach to the science of taste.

Feels Better

We use our deep understanding of nutrition to develop products made from simple, wholesome ingredients that have exceptional taste and improved nutritional value.

Works Better

We understand your innovation and processing challenges and apply our leading-edge technologies and research capabilities to solve your current and future needs.

Clean Label

Underpinned by our understanding of the science and regulation of clean label ingredients, Kerry helps customers replace ingredients with clean label alternatives, reduce or remove specific ingredients, reposition products in the marketplace and re-invent business identities with sustainable practices.


We are committed to the highest standards of business and ethical behaviour, to fulfilling our responsibilities to the communities which we serve and to the creation of long-term value for all stakeholders on a socially and environmentally sustainable basis.





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