Taste and Nutrition

When you collaborate with us, our experts will help you develop delicious and nutritious food
with unparalleled consumer appeal.

Kerry, the Taste and Nutrition company

We bring a deep knowledge of culture, life stages and related nutritional needs together with our expertise in the multi-dimensional science of taste. We make products people enjoy and feel better about consuming. We bring a world of knowledge to every mouthful. 
We are Kerry. Leading to Better.

What is a Taste and Nutrition company?

Watch the video to discover more about what taste means to us, and find out how Kerry people around the world are pushing boundaries to deliver innovative delicious and nutritious products.

Why Taste and Nutrition?

We understand the food and beverage industry is evolving.

We now live in a society in which consumers are better-informed and want to know what is in their food. They believe eating well means living well, and for longer. These expectations are revolutionising the food and beverage industry.

‘Taste and Nutrition’ are the two things consumers 
really care about – the multisensory experience of  
great tasting food and the vital feel-good
factor provided 
by nutritional science.

To meet consumer needs in Taste and Nutrition, we gather insights from around the world, monitor changes in  demographics, track market trends and evaluate scientific advances. 

This insight ensures we create products people enjoy and feel better about, products with more authentic and delicious taste experiences, which are also more nutritious. 

Leading to Better products.


We make better, more authentic and delicious taste experiences.

Today, consumers want great-tasting products created from trusted, authentic
and wholesome foods and flavors. We’re in a prime position to help you deliver this.


We make better-tasting products that also meet your complete nutritional needs.

We pinpoint exactly how the science of nutrition should affect food production. We lead our customers to a better understanding of how changes in nutritional requirements and consumer awareness are changing their global commercial landscape.