Food Technology Summit and Expo

Wednesday 21 September, 2016

Centro Banamex, Halls A, B and C. Conscripto No. 311 Avenida

Food Technology Summit & Expo is a new concept in events, in which you will find the quality and quantity of attendees your company is looking forward to generate attractive business opportunities.

This event is regularly attended by Directors, Managers, Coordinators and Heads of Research & Development, New Products, Marketing, Purchase, Commercial, Production, Technology, Quality, Laboratory, Plant, among others. This is the audience you want to make contact with, i.e, the decision-makers who define the purchase of goods and services and who are authorized to clinch business deals.

En un piso de exhibición de 11,100 metros cuadrados, el magno evento congrega a más de 200 expositores con sus últimas innovaciones para el desarrollo de nuevos productos.

Visit the event website here