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Our research predicts trends set to dominate the European iced beverage market in summer 2020

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  • To better understand the European iced beverage market, Kerry foodservice recently conducted market research across the region, analysing trends and consumer preferences in summer 2019.
  • Refreshing and natural tastes and flavours prevailed across the region, but specific consumer preferences varied by country.
  • The findings were compiled in our "Art of Taste Beverage" report for summer 2019; highlights that may help with 2020 iced beverage innovation are included in this article.
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Decoding regional and global taste trends is essential to targeted beverage innovation. To better understand how tastes, formats and flavours are evolving within the European iced beverage market, Kerry Europe’s foodservice team recently conducted an extensive menu analysis and consumer study across 8 countries:

  • France
  • Spain
  • The UK
  • Germany
  • Denmark
  • Finland
  • Sweden
  • Russia

The below highlights came from Kerry’s latest “Art of Taste Beverage” report, which covers the key consumer drivers and market trends as seen in the iced beverage category during summer 2019. These insights provide inspiration and direction for 2020 innovation.

Trending Iced Beverages: France

As can be seen in markets around the world, consumers in France are opting for refreshing and healthy beverages in favour of more indulgent alternatives. For 75% of French consumers, refreshment is a key motivator for purchasing retail iced beverages. The growing concern over sugar content is promoting the growth of lighter, low-sugar iced beverage options—these represented 30% of iced beverage launches in France during summer 2019.

In addition to removing sugar, foodservice operators in France are introducing natural infusions into beverages, in part to give consumers the perception of health and vitality. Floral and herbal infusions such as jasmine, rose and hibiscus topped the trend chart in France for Summer 2019, representing 25% of the flavours used in over-ice applications.

Trending Iced Beverages: Spain

Traditional summer flavours such as summer berries and citrus dominate iced beverage launches in Spain. Berries were used in 23% of beverages launched in summer 2019 while citrus made it into 26% of launches.

iced beverage with berries quoteiced beverage with berries

For consumers in Spain, there’s an emphasis on fresh ingredients and preparations in iced beverages, both of which consumers perceived as being linked to health. According to 46% of Spanish consumers, the use of fresh ingredients is the most compelling health factor when purchasing iced beverages. “Freshly Prepared” is the second most compelling factor for purchasing such drinks, resonating with 24% of Spanish consumers.

Trending Iced Beverages: The UK

Given the strong consumer interest in novel foods and drinks amongst UK consumers, it’s no surprise the UK represents one of the most innovative markets in Europe for iced beverages. With multiple operators and channels playing in the category, differentiation is key.

The introduction of the sugar tax on sugar sweetened beverages in the UK, coupled with a consumer demand for increased transparency in foodservice, has pushed operators to utilise more natural ingredients and single flavour profiles in iced beverages. Over-ice concepts made up 41% of limited time offers (LTOs) launched in the UK during summer 2019; this category is growing in popularity, particularly iced teas paired with fruit flavours such as peach and strawberry.

Trending Iced Beverages: Germany

Coffee is a firm favourite for German consumers. Almost 90% of German consumers drink coffee daily and coffee is the most preferred flavour of refreshing iced beverage across the country, putting it at the fore of iced beverage innovation in Germany.

iced coffee beverage quoteiced coffee beverage

Over-ice concepts such as iced coffee and cold brew led the summer campaigns in 2019. Although cold brew is a newer trend in Germany, it was available in almost 40% of the outlets visited while conducting the “Art of Taste Beverage” survey. New offerings such as this give operators the opportunity to rejuvenate their coffee products and appeal to new coffee drinkers. In summer 2019, indulgent variations such as vanilla and caramel dominated the category.

Trending Iced Beverages: Denmark, Finland and Sweden (aka The Nordics)

In Denmark, Finland and Sweden, consumers are most inclined to purchase an iced beverage for refreshment, according to 54% of those surveyed for “The Art of Taste Beverage” report. Consumers in these countries were also motivated to buy iced beverages in order to cool down (41% of consumers) and as a treat (39% of consumers).

During summer 2019, operators were inspired to deliver this and more, enriching the consumer experience and creating a point of differentiation by giving a premium overhaul to iced beverages through the introduction of luxurious and indulgent shakes. Flavours such as chocolate, caramel, strawberry and blueberry dominated the category, accounting for 39% of LTOs launched that season and creating refreshing, sweet and Instagrammable shakes.

Trending Iced Beverages: Russia

Refreshment is a clear preference amongst consumers in Russia, where 75% of people sought out iced beverages specifically for their refreshing qualities. There, the trend is shifting away from carbonated soft drinks to over-ice beverages made with natural ingredients such as fresh fruits and juices.

Classic summer flavours such as lemon, lime and orange dominated iced beverage launches in Russia during summer 2019. Key flavours such as these were paired with more emerging flavour profiles including matcha, passion fruit and vibrant summer berries, creating unique offerings and providing differentiation in a growing category.

Top 5 Iced Beverage Flavours by Country

1.   Strawberry
2.  Banana
3.  Raspberry
4.  Apple
5.  Mango
1.   Strawberry
2.  Orange
3.  Chocolate
4.  Mango
5.  Banana
1.   Peach
2.  Mango
3.  Strawberry
4.  Lemon
5.  Chocolate
1.   Strawberry
2.  Caramel
3.  Chocolate
4.  Mint
5.  Lemon
The Nordics
1.   Strawberry
2.  Chocolate
3.  Caramel
4.  Banana
5.  Vanilla
1.   Raspberry
2.  Strawberry
3.  Mango
4.  Orange
5.  Mint


To read more about our iced beverage insights across Europe and Russia, download a copy of our report “Art of Taste Beverage, Summer 2019”. To learn more about how Kerry can help make winning beverages, contact us.

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