We know how to uncover genuine insights and craft them into new innovations that meet consumer needs. Explore how Kerry is your ideal partner, from product discovery to commercialization.

Insight-led food and beverage innovation

Why do customers partner with Kerry to achieve business success in this rapidly changing marketplace? Because we understand the direction the market is moving and act quickly to help our customers bring new consumer-preferred foods and beverages to life faster and with greater overall consumer value. Products consumers will enjoy and feel better about.

Access our suite of proprietary tools, research and expertise

Proprietary insight tools

Quickly collect and analyse global market trends with our suite of tools that utilise both human engagements and technology platforms.

  • Kerry Trendspotter™: An artificial intelligence platform developed in partnership with IBM Watson that analyses millions of consumer-generated social media posts to forecast future food and beverage trends.
  • KerryCompass: Macro and micro market trends informed by consumer values, attitudes, behaviours and needs. Customers leverage this tool to position and innovate products that truly resonate with consumers’ desires.
  • Eat the Streets: Walking side-by-side with our customers, we experience new food and products hands-on. We turn this experience into actionable ideas for new innovations.
  • KerryFocus: An onsite viewing and recording facility for focus groups. This tool allows our customers to observe and understand first-hand consumer attitudes and behaviours. 
  • ConsumerRadar: Panel of 23,000 employees that supply instant data surrounding targeted topics. Customers typically leverage this panel to extrapolate data and develop insight on specific opportunities and challenges.
Primary and third party research

Tap our comprehensive analyses on current and emerging consumer trends and bespoke customer challenges to inspire innovation and ultimately identify commercially viable opportunities.

Facilities and skillsets

Identify and activate relevant growth opportunities with access to our environments, whether it’s one of our sensory labs, pilot plants or a Kerry Taste and Nutrition Discovery Center, and expertise that spans the science and art of the food and beverage industry.

Bring new products to life with Kerry

Create new on-trend products today

Insights that matter

At Kerry, we focus on four major areas that influence new product development.
  • Taste Insights: Taste is the number one priority for consumers. But what exactly is it? We unlock the science, culinary, sensory and consumer aspects of taste.
  • Nutrition Insights: The nutritional landscape is always changing. We stay one step ahead by understanding the nutritional needs of consumers across their many different life stages.
  • Consumer Insights: We dig deep to understand why consumers behave the way they do, the marketplace and the economic and emotional factors impacting their everyday decisions.
  • Market insights: We go to great lengths to understand the marketplace and regulatory dynamics impacting the food and beverage industry.

Foresight: preparing you for the future of food

The food systems we know are changing. Looking at the big-picture, changes in diet and in agriculture are inevitable. Current patterns of consumption are becoming unsustainable, as population models predict close to 10 billion people competing for diminishing resources by 2050. Already consumers are demanding more from their food, driving change at every level.

At Kerry, we look beyond today’s trends to predict and anticipate future market drivers and have identified five consumer-driven emerging themes:
  • Alternative Abundance: points to the pressure on resources and our need to search elsewhere for sustainable supply, to meet future needs. We need to innovate beyond the soil, into the sky and sea.

  • Artisanal to Scalable: brings niche and craft products to the masses. Small manufacturers and brands are winning. Now big brands want to join in their success.

  • Authentic Technology: builds on familiar, natural methods, to overcome the worry of the unknown. Technology is embraced in daily life, but people fear the impact of science on food.

  • Food Trust: addresses concerns created by recent food scares. Consumers are demanding total transparency around all the food and beverage products they consume

  • Personalised Nutrition: illustrates the rapid convergence of food and pharma. Food science, medical science and big data are coming together to provide preventative nutritious solutions.