Inclusions and Sauces

Create an irresistible taste experience with our extensive range of inclusions and sauces.

Indulgent inclusions and sauces

From delicious buttery caramel pieces to refreshing zesty purees, our indulgent inclusions and sauces add consumer appeal to a range of food and beverage applications. Our ready-to-go collection includes clean label, plant-based, non-palm, halal, kosher and allergen-free options. Partner with our specialists to find the right solution for your product that ensures taste, texture and stability over shelf life.

Elevate the everyday

Consumers are looking for sensory satisfaction through great taste, exciting textures and strong visual appeal. Deliver a multi-sensorial experience with a wide range of inclusions and sauces, from decadently indulgent caramel sauces to crunchy nut brittles, biscuits and crumbles to add a dessert-like taste and texture to your products.

Primary applications: