CleanSmoke™ - Liquid Smoke

CleanSmoke in meat applications improves product taste, quality and consistency while reducing the environmental impact of the smoking process.

Natural flavour, pure and simple

Condensed natural smoke provides quality improvement, process efficiency and cost containment, for the processor, while helping address key environmental challenges and sustainability issues including:

  • Air quality
  • Landfill use
  • Water use and treatment
  • Energy requirements
  • Forest resources

Making liquid smoke

Heat, wood and water are the three key natural elements needed to create CleanSmoke products. To make liquid smoke we smoulder sawdust and capture the smoke cloud in pure water. Finally, tar and ash are removed to give you a traditional smoke flavour that is healthier for the consumer and better for the environment.

Key benefits of CleanSmoke

  • Reduction of up to 80% of CO2 emissions compared to conventional smoking
  • Reduced volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and particulate matter (PM) emissions
  • Reduced water usage and energy consumption
  • Guarantees polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) are lower than levels in conventionally generated smoke
  • Natural ingredients contribute to a safe and true smoke taste

Primary applications: