Bakery Glazes

Our bakery glazes enhance shine and colour across bakery applications. Our range includes clean label bakery glazes, vegan and allergen-free options.

Bakery glazes developed by bakers for bakers to offer superior performance

Offering eye-catching baked goods that deliver on quality and meet the needs of a wide range of consumers is a key requirement. We offer a portfolio of bakery glazes aligned to the requirements of the market including clean label bakery glazes, allergen-free and vegan bakery glazes. Our ambient, long-life, shelf-stable products, help you reduce waste and lower energy consumption, without compromising on the quality consumers expect.

Clean label bakery glazes

Our baker-to-baker approach, backed by our from food, for food heritage, means you can have the confidence that we can offer a full range of bakery solutions for your needs. We know how to make great bakery products even better, including appealing to consumers that want clean label baker products. Learn more about why Kerry is your ideal partner.