Food, Beverage and Pharma Products

Add taste, nutrition or function to your products with solutions that range from processing aids and innovative systems to ready to eat food and beverage ingredients.

The products you want

Solve your formulation challenges by drawing from our more than 14,000 standard products or partnering with our global team of food scientists, flavourists and chefs to create custom solutions.

Launch successful new products by choosing a partner with expertise that spans from the sourcing and procurement of delicate raw materials to the lab-based creation of complex solutions. This breadth allows us to address challenges such as sugar-replacement and plant-based taste and texture while also solving for food protection and regulatory issues.

Partnering for better solutions

The taste and nutrition products we supply and manufacture include flavours and extracts, foodservice solutions, nutritional aids, functional ingredients, food and beverage products and solutions for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry.

Our customers include mainstream and emerging food and beverage brands, foodservice operators, pet food manufacturers, animal feed suppliers and pharma companies.

The product lines we offer are designed to work alone or as integrated systems, simplifying the creation and production process.

Some of the featured brands in our product line include:
  • Simply Nature
  • Tastesense
  • Red Arrow
  • Radicle
  • Acryleast
  • Biobake
  • Wellmune™
  • Prodiem
  • Niacet

Localised help, a global team

There’s a reason we call our products “solutions”. We don’t just sell ingredients—we also deliver expertise in how to best apply them, whether than means revising recipes or suggesting manufacturing facility upgrades. You can search our global product pages, but to work with us, please contact us. When you fill out the form below, an expert in your region and area of business will be in touch to discuss your project needs.