Kerry inspires innovation during Dairy Month

Monday 27 June, 2016

Deeply rooted in dairy, Kerry celebrated June as National Dairy Month in the U.S. by launching its newest brand campaign – Inspiring Dairy. The campaign draws on Kerry’s 40 years of dairy experience and world-class food science expertise to inform customers on how Kerry dairy inspires them in the journey Leading to Better.

“Our unique heritage as an Irish milk processing cooperative, combined with our unparalleled expertise in the science of taste, enables us to deliver true dairy innovation and inspiration for our customers,” said Derek Klaehn, President of Dairy and Culinary.

The Inspiring Dairy campaign invokes true dairy experiences and memories, from a cold glass of milk after school, to an ice cream cooler full of favourites, to a heaping helping of local cheese curds. With such varied choices, not surprisingly dairy is one of the world’s favourite tastes and sources of nutrition.

Born out of Kerry’s rich dairy heritage, cutting-edge dairy capabilities and innovative dairy projects, the campaign showcases what Kerry brings to the industry – innovation.

“Every day, across the globe, we demonstrate our passion for our dairy heritage; from the technologies we develop to the innovative solutions we provide our customers,” said Melissa Muldowney, Strategic Marketing Manager for Dairy. “Our dairy scientists are changing the dairy landscape and how consumers enjoy dairy products. Kerry is reimagining dairy and inspiring the industry to think differently.”

40 years of dairy experience

Kerry’s rich dairy heritage has led to our deep understanding and appreciation of the complexity of dairy, how it performs, how it is enjoyed in different applications and environments. We also know its challenges, flexibility and versatility.

Over the years Kerry created a range of dairy products and solutions to suit the most demanding manufacturing processes and the most novel consumption requirements. Perfecting the application of dairy taste, performance and nutrition gives Kerry and our customers a unique advantage in the marketplace.

3 Pillars of Inspiring Dairy

We break Inspiring Dairy into three main proof points that summarise our value proposition and how we lead our customers to:

1. Better taste
“First and foremost our customer promise is to deliver the most authentic and familiar taste of dairy,” said Mike Lefevre, Director of Cheese and Dairy Flavors. Inspiring Dairy is about using our unique combination of dairy heritage and leading taste and nutrition science to deliver great taste in any application – from cheese to bakery, to beverages, snacks, meals and more.

2. Better performance
Our expertise goes well beyond taste. Intensity, duration, texture and aroma all come into play with Kerry’s leading taste technologies and solutions. “Our solutions also increase flavour intensity, deliver clean label or ‘all-natural’ claims, or extend product shelf life – all without sacrificing taste,” said Mike.

3. Better Nutrition
It’s easy to forget about dairy’s many nutritious properties because of its great taste but Nathan Pratt, Nutrition Analyst, states that dairy foods are some of the original “superfoods” and are a delicious way to deliver protein, vitamins and minerals to consumers. Find out more about the health benefits of dairy in the Kerry Health and Nutrition Institute’s latest blog “Dairy Science and Consumer Perception Realign.”

Inspiring Dairy, and beyond

As National Dairy Month wraps up, the inspiration behind the Inspiring Dairy campaign continues. Multiple products – beverages, yoghurts, cheese, bakery, ice creams and a variety of meals and snacking applications – are touched by dairy. Be inspired in your dairy products by visiting Inspiring Dairy. For more on dairy nutrition information, explore the Kerry Health and Nutrition Institute.