IUFoST 2016 - 18th World Congress of Food  Science and Technology 
Wrap Up Report - Days 1 and 2

Tuesday 23 August, 2016

From August 21-25, the World Congress of Food Science and Technology takes place at Dublin’s RDS, hosted by the Institute of Food Science and Technology of Ireland. Nathan Pratt, PhD, RD, Nutrition Analyst from Kerry, is there to report on the highlights.

More than 90 countries. One question. How do we provide the world with nutritious, safe, affordable and sufficient food?

IUFoST 2016 kicked off with a summit on the theme of ‘Greening the Global Food Supply Chain,’ an event which was to set the tone for the week.

According to Nathan, some clear and consistent themes that emerged from the summit included collaboration and communication, two elements that are vital for every facet of the food industry. Nathan explains, “Science is only the language of scientists. If we can’t convey information to those who need it, outside of a scientific perspective, then it’s ultimately useless.”

One of the highlights of the conference on Monday was a Hot Topic session with the title ‘Too much of a tasty thing - where have the excesses of salt, sugar and fat consumption left us?’ The Kerry-sponsored session featured presentations from Roger Clemens on global health and nutritional challenges and policies, Edmund T Rolls on the neurophysiology of taste and olfaction and Ryan Ponquett on taste innovation and the latest challenges to help address consumer needs - topics we’ll take a closer look at on this site in the coming days and weeks.

In the meantime, stay tuned for updates this week from IUFoST on the themes of nutrition, sustainability and functional ingredients.

Hear more from Nathan by clicking this link.