Thursday 25 August, 2016

18th World Congress of Food Science and Technology Wrap up report, day 4

From August 21st to 25th, the World Congress of Food Science and Technology takes place at Dublin’s RDS, hosted by the Institute of Food Science and Technology of Ireland.

Nathan Pratt, PHD, RD and Nutrition Analyst is there on behalf of Kerry to report on the highlights.

In a week full of exciting insights, day four of IUFoST concentrated on innovation in nutrition and food. Nathan explains: “On the nutrition end of innovation, scientists generally try to find the ‘what’ of what goes into food. For example, we learned in sessions today that if you spread your protein intake more evenly throughout the day, especially towards breakfast and lunch, that you can increase the amount of protein that your muscles make by 25 per cent”.

He added: “We also learned that your immune system differs from when you’re a child compared to when you’re an adult. So this research gives us insights into what kind of nutrients we can put into food to improve health.”

On the food science end of innovation, scientists try to understand how to get nutrients into food while making the food healthy and digestible. Nathan referenced the “tremendous understanding and control of food science and technology” on display, giving the example of one scientist present who was able to sculpt the dwarves from Snow White using only cheese proteins with no additives and another who swallowed a camera just to understand how food digests in the stomach.

Concluding our daily reports from IUFoST 2016 Nathan said these conferences “really provide great nutrition insights and food science findings so we can not only learn how to make food healthier but also bring those findings to life”.

Of course, that’s what Kerry is all about, so check back here for more great insights into advancements in the science of taste and nutrition.