IUFoST 2016 

Wednesday 24 August, 2016

18th World Congress of Food Science and Technology Wrap up report, day 3

“Eye-opening sessions on global nutrition and food technology.”

From August 21st to 25th, the World Congress of Food Science and Technology takes place at Dublin’s RDS, hosted by the Institute of Food Science and Technology of Ireland.

Nathan Pratt, PHD, Nutrition Analyst is there on behalf of Kerry to report on the highlights.

Day three of the conference was a packed schedule of presentations, panels and discussions on every conceivable subject under the food science and technology umbrella, but a few key themes did emerge.

Nathan explains: “Some of my favourite sessions here today have been about reducing food waste. Each year over three billion tonnes of food are produced. Of that, over a third are thrown away. There are some really great technologies that look at repurposing the by-products of food production. Some examples of this would be extracting fibre from defective coffee beans or extracting antioxidants from brewer’s spent grain. These technologies are ultimate wins for everybody because they reduce food waste as well as creating functional ingredients to be incorporated into food.”

The other hot topic of the day was tailoring diets for a specific population. Nathan gave the example of a rapidly aging population, explaining that this demographic is growing faster than ever and “this population has specific challenges that must be addressed”.

“They can have difficulty tasting foods, smelling food or swallowing foods, so technologies that make food delicious, nutritious and easy to eat for this population specifically can help address their needs.”

With two more days of IUFoST 2016 to go, check back for more updates from Kerry on the themes of nutrition, sustainability and functional ingredients.