Granby Runners Complete Bromont Ultra Race

Wednesday 25 October, 2017

Quebec's fourth annual Bromont Ultra relay race took place earlier this month, with more than 1,500 participants running for a good cause. Hosted by UltraDon events, the event aimed to increase community involvement through physical activity and attracted competitors from around the world. 


This year, 21 employees from our Granby, Quebec, location signed up for the race– almost half of whom were new to running! Divided in to three relay teams, it took 12 and a half hours to tackle the 80-kilometer (approximately 50-mile) course, which ranged from flat, easy terrain to highly-technical trails with steep slopes and turns spanning some of the most beautiful scenery in the province.

To increase donations, they held multiple on-site fundraising events like a luncheon, weekly healthy snacks sales, hockey ticket drawings and collection of recyclable materials. The Granby teams contributed an outstanding $1,800 towards the Bromont Ultra, which altogether raised more than $235,000 for five causes:

"The team worked hard and put a lot of passion into the fundraising," said Philip O'Shaughnessy, Granby Plant Manager. "They proved they were up to the physical challenge and supported each other until the end!"

In addition to the benefits of making a positive impact on their community, the Kerry runners also enjoyed the opportunity to come together as a team to complete such an impressive achievement. 

About KEEP
The Kerry Employee Engagement Program (KEEP) is a North America initiative designed to connect colleagues, build relationships, give back to the community and enrich the personal experiences of Kerry employees. 

Granby Quebec Kerry employee runners at the Bromont Ultra

 Pictured: Marie-Pier Huard; Guylaine Trachy; Camille Morin-Boisjoy; Anne-Marie Gagnon; Karine Tetreault; Audrey Dubuc