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Partner with our team of bakers for solutions that address the needs of consumers and maintain the integrity of your products.

Create consumer preferred bakery products that never compromise on quality

Create and improve bakery products at scale

Work with a regional, globally integrated team of bakers and technology experts who understand how to create great bakery products – from cleaner labels to nutritional optimisation.

Deliver trust, quality and consistency

As a primary manufacturer of enzymes, emulsifiers, fermented ingredients and flavours, our bakery ingredients are entirely traceable. This, plus an expertise across technologies, sets us apart from competitors.

Keep pace in a dynamic marketplace

Collaborate with a team of experts focused on all aspects of bakery from product innovations to regulatory changes, shifting consumer behaviours and evolving nutritional needs.

Insight-led innovation

Leverage exclusive insights on consumer needs and behaviours and co-create with a team of dedicated bakers, nutritionists, marketers and food scientists.

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