What's On the Horizon for the Food Industry?

Kerry's experts discuss how COVID-19 has impacted the food industry and provide insights and analysis on the trends that will emerge in the coming months.

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Future trends and insights in the food and beverage sector

As COVID-19 continues to impact and influence the food and beverage consumption, Professor Damien McLoughlin from University College Dublin, talks with a variety of Kerry experts including scientists and business and innovation leaders about the implications of COVID-19 and what the future may hold.

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COVID-19: Driving Change and Innovation

David Hamilton, Chief Innovation Officer at Kerry, explains how we need to be ahead of the insight to create foods and beverages that will really stand out for consumers.

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COVID-19, Coffee and the Evolving Consumer

COVID-19 has presented interesting opportunities and intense challenges for both chain and independent coffee companies.

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COVID-19 Effect on Consumer Behaviour
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Michael Jiang, Vice President of Kerry

COVID-19 Impact on Engaging with Customers
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The Food Innovation Landscape
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The Effect of COVID-19 on Sustainability
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Educating the Immune System
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Guidance for food and beverage brands

We’re translating data and market research into actionable insights to help brands make real-time decisions and inform product development strategies. Read new articles and research from our experts:


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Corporate news

A message from our CEO During COVID-19

In this time of global crisis, countries across the world are facing new challenges on a daily and even hourly basis. Yet, even in this uncertain landscape, one thing that will always remain consistent is our need for a safe and continuous food supply.

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Kerry Group launches new initiative to support local communities across the world

The MyCommunity programme has a number of elements that encourage and empower Kerry employees to work with and support the communities that they work and live in across the world.

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