Making bite-size taste better

Savoury bagged snacks remain a core staple of a fast-changing snack market. Despite often being considered an indulgence, consumers are increasingly aware of the nutritional aspects of the savoury snack products they buy and balance their choices accordingly.

In this market, taste remains the trump card in determining product success, but increasingly, improved nutritional qualities such as sodium reduction or protein fortification, and new bases, such as legumes, vegetables and ancient grains, are key factors in winning market share.

Kerry works to create the right ingredients for tasty savoury snacks to please diverse consumer tastes around the world.


At Kerry, we know that perfecting the taste of a savoury snack involves more than choosing the right seasoning.

Consumer palates are evolving, and they are demanding more sophisticated flavour and taste experiences from their snacks. Flavour profiles are becoming more specific and taste requirements more complex as consumers look for authenticity in the products they consume.

More and more, consumers are not just interested in how a product tastes – but the taste must come from simple, recognisable ingredients. Naturally flavored snacks are increasingly preferred as people seek out cleaner-label options. 

Kerry makes natural taste go further, so that our customers can deliver the kind of snacks that will have consumers coming back for more.

Our market insights teams work to understand changing consumer preferences, while our scientists, technologists and application experts collaborate with our customers to create new on-trend products and improve existing ones. 


Snacks that balance nutrition and taste

Great nutrition does not have to mean poor taste. Kerry is working to make healthier snacks, reducing sodium and fat content, without sacrificing the flavour experience for consumers. We do this using our salt reduction technologies and applications expertise. 

Additionally, we can provide great tasting seasonings for alternative, hard-to-flavour snack bases such as quinoa, buckwheat and legumes.

As snacking increasingly replaces traditional meals, consumers want snacks to count towards their daily nutritional requirements, while being appropriate to their diet or lifestyle. We can include nutrients that consumers are seeking and remove ingredients they want to avoid such as GMOs, allergens, MSG, preservatives and trans fats.



Top sweet and savoury 
flavour combinations

We carried out a survey of more than 7000 people across seven countries in EMEA,
to find out the most popular sweet and savoury flavour combinations.