Cell Nutrition

75 years of biotechnology excellence

Kerry is a leading manufacturer of media components for the biotech, fermentation and diagnostic industries.

We have over 75 years' experience working in markets the world over.

We create superior cell nutrition supplements including:

  • protein hydrolysates
  • yeast extracts
  • recombinant proteins
  • application specific solutions
  • chemically defined medium

Our products maximise yields and cell performance in biotechnological production systems. provide integrated solutions for the world’s leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.

Our global application centers, resources and technical platforms deliver consistent, high quality products. We support our customers with unparalleled service, technical support and formulation customisation capabilities.

We offer:

  • optimised complex supplement systems that streamline the screening process. These systems maximise yields and cell performance in biotechnological production systems
  • high quality and cost effective recombinant, animal component free (ACF) supplements
  • animal component free (ACF) total nitrogen source solutions that are optimised for specific microbial applications, including expression of recombinant products
  • chemical defined medium for extended growth and enhanced recombinant protein production for CHO suspension cultures

Supplement systems

The authority on cell culture supplements

Kerry meets the challenges of a tough market by creating optimised, complex supplement systems. We leverage a wealth of technical and manufacturing expertise in cell culture media supplements. Our application labs develop optimised formulations to enhance the performance of a variety of cell lines.

Microbial expression systems

The leader in nitrogen sources

Kerry is the premier supplier of refined complex nitrogen sources to the biopharmaceutical industry. We are the only supplier that manufactures both yeast extracts and peptones. This allows us to supply nitrogen source solutions optimised for specific microbial applications, including expression of recombinant products.

Defined supplements

Groundbreaking supplements.

Plant-derived, animal free protein hydrolysates have seen great success in recent years. In cell culture they, and derived systems, can be used as a supplement to many chemically defined basal mediums and in combination with other supplements such as recombinant proteins like insulin and albumin.
Kerry offers high quality and cost effective recombinant, animal component free (ACF) supplements for cell culture media. We can help you stay ahead of a competitive market.

Protein hydrolysates

Novel hydrolysis solutions

Kerry has a wealth of knowledge on the control of the protein hydrolysis process. We have 75 years' experience, a global network of researchers, and the latest technology. Kerry has the ability to produce tailored protein hydrolysates, targeted for specific applications. Kerry’s processes draw on expertise in fermentation technology and microbiology.

Our manufacturing facilities offer unique flexibility in capabilities and contingency. We have product development groups and state-of-the art pilot plants that accommodate new process optimisation and customer-specific projects.

Our protein hydrolysates manufacturing involves strictly controlled processes, including careful selection of raw materials and enzymes. We have developed new systems based on our extensive application and product expertise – including systems that increase growth and production of specific cells, such as CHO cells and E.coli cells.

Yeast extracts

Consistent performance

Kerry's yeast specialties and autolysates ensure optimal growth of a broad range of microorganisms. They provide essential peptides, amino acids, vitamins and minerals, as well as a complex mixture of yeast-derived metabolites. Our products use primary-grown baker's yeast for consistency. We propagate them aerobically, under controlled, reproducible conditions.

They offer a distinct performance and consistency advantage over secondary or brewer’s yeast extracts. Our yeast fermentation plant in Menstrie, Scotland produces all our yeast specialties and autolysates. It uses only animal-free raw materials, and provides kosher, pareve and halal production ranges. We can supply liquid, paste or non-dusting powder products, depending on your requirements.