A plant-based natural flavour that delivers an aroma that pet owners prefer and the palatability performance you expect.

Palatability performance never smelled so good

PurePal is a versatile human-grade plant-based palatant that, when applied to dry kibble, has been shown to improve aroma preference for pet owners while delivering strong palatability performance results.

Next generation of palatability

  • Provides palatability performance along with secondary benefits
  • Delivers novel plant-based technology backed by decades of research
  • Offers added innovation without added cost

Aroma that appeals to people and pets

  • Consumer aroma preference tests show that PurePal can improve the aroma of dry kibble for pet owners and that both dogs and pet owners prefer kibble coated with PurePal over their existing product
  • PurePal has been shown to deliver an improvement in palatability performance when compared to leading commercial palatants
  • As a plant-based liquid natural flavour, PurePal can help minimize unfavourable odor concerns within manufacturing facilities

Sustainable and easy to use

  • Appeals to the growing consumer demand for sustainably sourced plant-based pet food ingredients
  • Supports consumer-friendly pet food ingredient label declarations
  • Safe to store with no oxidation challenges
  • Liquid form is easy to use and delivers uniform product coverage