Custom Meat Solutions

Bring something brand new to market. Our team of experts can help you determine what consumers crave
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Experts in meat product development

Innovative products, technologies and applications.

Our 40+ years of taste expertise, global knowledge of the meat industry and leading-edge market insights combine to create the best eating experiences for consumers around the world.

Leveraging our technical expertise, we are at the forefront of meat innovation, using our portfolio to deliver for our customers’ products, the complete taste and nutrition experience.

We consistently tick all of the boxes of our customers’ meat demands – boxes that are decided on by rapidly changing consumer tastes and that are focused around flavour, texture, aroma and visual appeal – without ever compromising on taste and nutrition, food safety or quality.

Meat coating systems

Working collaboratively and in partnership with our customers, Kerry’s meat coating systems are the key to creating new taste experiences for our consumers.

We’ve developed systems that enhance taste, texture and visual appeal, and improve nutrition.

Our products include:

  • Predusts, intermediates and matrices – A blend of flour-based, cracker meal-based and high-adhesion systems as flavour carriers that promote adhesion and coatings pick-up rates
  • Batters and breaders – A range of different batters for use as part of a coating system or as the outer coating, flour-based, homestyle breaders and finer granulation cracker meal breaders. Examples include:
    • Starch-based batters, corn-based batters, wheat-based batters, sugar batters, tempura batters and flavoured batters among many others
    • Flavoured and non-flavoured breader blends
  • Crumbs – Breadcrumbs play a key role in taste, delivering flavour while supplying distinct textures and visual appeal to any substrate. Examples include:
    • American / traditional breadcrumb, Japanese breadcrumb, novel crumb, cracker meal

Functional meat systems

Our food safety and performance systems in meat give our customers an advantage in the marketplace by enabling them to deliver cost-effective taste solutions to their consumers.

Our systems are the critical factor in imparting texture, improving yields and binding together nutrients that are lost through the processing and cooking process.

Our products include:

  • Cures, brines and gels – Developed to impart flavour and succulence and improve yield in various applications. These ingredients can be applied by tumbling, injection or as a dry rub. Examples include:
    • Pork cures and brines, poultry cures & brines, gels & gelatines, cures and a variety of other brines
  • Textured meat analogues – These can be used to impart texture and to deliver enhanced nutrition. Our products deliver cost effectiveness because of their ability to bind water, improve yields and replace various protein types. Examples include:
    • Soya-based meat analogue, wheat-based meat analogue and textured meat analogues
  • Rusk and binder systems – Our products enable cost-effective solutions across the meat processing industry, imparting texture and promoting water absorption during processing and fat binding after the cook process
  • Breadrusk, dry yeastless white rusk, superfine rusk, fillers/binders
  • Fermented ingredients – including Accel™, Saga™ meat cultures and carrageenans. View our full range of fermented ingredients. Our fermented ingredients are also suitable for use in animal and pet nutrition

Meat flavourings

Our customers rely on and trust us to deliver meat flavourings that create authentic and delicious tasting products for their consumers.

Our extensive product portfolio includes everything from herbs and spices to seasonings to flavours. We can also provide these in multiple formats for use in all industry applications methods.

You can be confident of our commitment to providing the highest-quality, most trustworthy taste experiences to our customers.


  • Marinades, rubs and glazes – Developed to enhance the flavour, functionality and visual appeal of any product, ours are optimally designed for each substrate and cooking application
    • Marinades – Wet and dry, meat rubs, meat glazes, meat dustings and sprinkles
  • Meat and savoury seasonings – Our seasonings deliver flavour and functionality across the widest variety of meat applications, as well as delivering texture and binding properties when combined into systems
    • Savoury pastries seasonings, spreads/pate, seasonings, burger/grill & meatball seasonings, jerky flavourings and seasonings, sausage seasonings, meat free and meat analogue seasoning and meat seasonings amongst others
  • Natural smoke condensates and grill flavours – enabling our customers to create authentic and delicious taste and providing a cost-effective solution that delivers greater product consistency, better yields, enhanced visual appeal and promotes sustainability
    • Soluble smoke, poly smoke flavours, smoke oils, smoke powders, mesquite & smoke condensates, plus other functional smokes
  • Meat, poultry and seafood flavours

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