True taste, authentic ingredients

At Kerry, we use real foods to create all kinds of innovative soups, sauces and dressings for memorable culinary experiences. We work with some of the world’s leading brands who share our passion for taste and nutrition.

Using high-quality products to create cost-efficient solutions is what we do best. We make it possible for refrigerated, fresh, ambient and dried formats to deliver the same fresh flavour and mouthfeel of a home-cooked dish.

Our innovative solutions help deliver more healthful, nutritious consumer solutions. We start with the highest quality, authentic products – meaning our labeling is as natural as the taste.

Natural claims in soups, sauces and dressings: 

Case study: Spicy chicken wing success

Convenient solutions with a home-cooked flavour

In the soups, sauces and dressings sector, consumers today want home-cooked taste. This provides a challenge to manufacturers – to create great tasting products with authentic texture, mouthfeel and aroma, in a convenient format. 

Kerry can help you meet this market challenge with authentic taste solutions – from savoury and dairy flavours, to citrus, herb reductions and umami taste solutions. Whether consumers want to recreate their favourite bistro meal at home without fuss, or want instant indulgence with premium ingredients, our innovations make that possible.

Some manufacturers are introducing prepared soup kits that allow consumers control and participation in the soup making process in a simple and convenient way that helps streamline their lives without compromising on taste and nutrition. 

Our range of wet and dry stocks and bouillons is comprehensive. From our basic bouillon blends and demi glazes, to reductions and natural stocks, we can deliver an authentic taste experience using our expertise and market insights to improve the texture and mouthfeel of soups and sauces. 

Our taste experts can create a genuine home-cooked tastes in whatever format you need.


Meeting demand efficiently 

We’re passionate about delivering versatile food solutions to our customers while optimising costs. We can meet manufacturing demands for measured portions, which not only reduce waste but also provide manufacturers with the benefit of efficient systems.  

With Kerry as your partner, you can benefit from:

  • An extensive taste and nutrition portfolio, including savoury, dry culinary and dairy flavours, which we can draw upon and combine to create cost-effective recipes.

  • Leading-edge technologies which allow us to provide solutions in a variety of formats – including dry, wet and frozen. Our dairy-based sauces, for example, can be produced in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be packaged for consumer use, or frozen to extend shelf life.

  • Opportunities for growth in the premiumisation market. Consumers looking for premium products are focused on quality, not quantity. Our innovative applications make it possible to position your sauce and dressing products to target this market effectively. 


Supporting good health with great taste

At Kerry we believe all food should be bursting with goodness, but without sacrificing taste. 

As consumers, governments and industry initiatives look to reduce salt, sugar and fat intake, we’ve created market-leading alternatives that deliver perception of salt, sugar and fat while delivering natural flavours that improve the nutrition of products: 

  • Our salt perception solutions use natural ingredients and processes to deliver a salt-like taste, while reducing sodium by 20-50%. 
  • Our range of sugar perception solutions are derived from natural products, so the labeling is completely transparent. Consumers can enjoy the benefits of around 20 to 30% less sugar.
  • Our range of reduced saturated fat solutions for dairy products is based on Kerry’s natural dairy ingredients and is often sourced from our own milk supply. It is carefully cooked to enhance the natural flavour profile. The consumer benefits from reduced levels of saturated fats of around 20-40%, and the clean labeling ensures that unwanted extras do not make it into the product.
  • Millennials may be swayed from mainstream brands to smaller artisan suppliers as these often have clearer messaging around feel-good health and ingredient transparency.

Explore our taste modulation solutions


Formulating answers to clean label challenges

We’re experts in providing solutions with trusted ingredient declarations and rich, authentic tastes. We take real foods from natural sources and extract or reduce their flavours to create solutions which are clean-label friendly. 

Research from Datamonitor reveals that 8 out of 10 consumers say that ‘ingredient transparency is a very important factor’ when shopping for food and beverage products. They want their food labels to reveal ingredients that are sustainable, simple and fresh. Our solutions are just that.

Through our range of herb reductions, stocks and brothsumami taste solutions, we deliver authentic taste profiles using natural alternatives to preservatives, additives and MSG. And our dairy solutions deliver delicious dairy taste into cheese and cream-based sauces that meet consumers’ demands for natural ingredients.