Custom Culinary Solutions

We can help you bring your mealtime ideas to market. From trend-spotting to formulation to testing,
we’re here to partner with you.

All in good taste

Kerry has the best food systems research and development team in the industry.

We combine the latest technology, applications and culinary expertise, global resources and extensive market insight. The result is a culinary team that can collaborate with customers to create new and exciting products.

We can help you with enhancing flavour, reducing sodium or masking acidic notes. There is no culinary application problem that we haven't considered. We can deliver efficient, cost-effective solutions.

A sauce for every setting

At Kerry, we specialise in sauces that combine culinary skill with exceptional performance.

Kerry’s sauce products are available in both wet and dry formats. We have formulation expertise in ambient, refrigerated and frozen storage options. 

Our products support your foodservice back-of-house application requirements and retail home-cooking needs. All of our products are customisable to meet your needs. 


  • finishing sauces
  • frozen portions
  • fillings
  • concentrates

Functionality and attributes:

  • restricted melt / bake-stability
  • freeze / thaw stability
  • microwave stability
  • clean label
  • nutritional fortification

Gourmet condiments and dressings

Kerry’s condiments and dressings provide a gourmet flavour profile in any application.

Our customised approach allows our customers to develop distinctive tastes that meet the expectations of today's consumers. Our condiments and dressings are available in dry, ambient, refrigerated and concentrated formats.

Our full range includes:

  • dressings & drizzles
  • chutney & relishes
  • tomato-based sauces
  • infused oils
  • mayonnaise

Tastes made to order

Kerry has a long history of creating seasonings for applications such as sausages, meat balls, meat patties and meatloaf.

We develop seasonings for both cooked and fresh applications. We can also develop marinades, rubs, brines, glazes and gravies customised to your application and taste requirements.

We pride ourselves on performing customised blends that meet our customers’ processing requirements and consumers’ needs for authentic and delicious taste experiences. View our portfolio of meat and savoury seasonings.

Authentic, exciting taste

Kerry has a comprehensive range of solutions for the snacking category. 

We have great ideas for your application, from simple seasoning to complex taste systems. Achieve authentic, exciting taste with Kerry. Dry and liquid systems, clean label, non-GMO, gluten-free and allergen controlled options are available.

Our full range of snack systems can be tailored to deliver global and regional tastes that satisfy consumers’ desire for authentic snacking options.

  • dairy-based systems
  • meat-based systems
  • onion-based systems
  • tomato-based systems
  • vegetable-based systems

Chef-inspired soups

Kerry's soups and stocks are chef-inspired and deliver authentic flavours and performance.

We use traditional cooking methods and natural processes to deliver rich, clean tastes. We offer a range of finished product formats and can provide clean label options, superior functionality and from-scratch quality.

Our range includes:

  • natural stocks & reductions
  • roux
  • demi-glazes & fonds
  • soup mixes
  • ready-to-eat soups