The sweet taste of innovation

Consumers are demanding customisation, new sensations, innovative tastes and guilt-free options when it comes to sweet snacking.

Our global team of leading taste experts includes flavourists, chefs, sensory analysts and applications specialists who are assisting manufacturers to change the market landscape through innovation.

Whatever the challenge, we’re confident we have the expertise and capabilities to help you.

Delivering the flavours that delight all taste buds

Kerry's flavourists strive to create fresh, vibrant tastes in our confectionery. We source the best ingredients, extract all the notes of their taste profiles and capture the flavour perfectly in market-leading products.

Embedded in cultures and communities across the globe, Kerry people use their in-depth knowledge of local cuisines to tap into emerging trends and create new, innovative flavours. We’re embracing vibrant new trends such as sweet and savoury smash-ups, and botanicals such as elderflower, mint and ginger, which bring the yin and yang of taste to the confectionery market.

Examples from our full range of flavours include:

  • savoury-sweet
  • botanicals such as woodruff, chamomile and verbena
  • fruit flavours that reflect the seasons
  • brown sweet notes, such as vanilla and chai
  • dairy and alcohol
  • citrus 

Find out more about our natural extracts and distillates.

Many of our products come with Fair Trade and Organic certification.

Creating memorable, multi-sensorial experiences

With Kerry, you can take your consumers on a journey to the taste and textures of their childhood, reigniting passion for memorable flavours with crispy, crunchy, chewy and gooey layers. 

Our confections produce a memorable, multi-sensorial experience. We understand that contrasting textures are an integral part of taste, whether it's an irresistible crunch, a melt-in-your-mouth sensation or a refreshing citrus burst.

Now textures can be sophisticatedly reintroduced through our suite of discovery tools and proprietary technologies. Kerry’s delivery systems allow us to layer and combine a multitude of textures, from wafers to fillings. Our coatings, crystals, granulation and agglomerations allow visual and textural customisation. 

Satisfying consumer and regulatory demands

Consumers everywhere still seek the unique pleasures that confectionery provides – despite pressure from governments, regulators and parents to reduce sugar, artificial flavours and colours. The confectionery manufacturers who can cater to these desires, while mitigating their potential harm, stand to profit. 

Kerry supports your development of permissible indulgence by providing:

  • taste modulation technology, which can reduce sugar and calorie content by up to 25%, while improving overall sweetness perception
  • natural extracts and distillates that take the place of artificial flavours and colours and provide tastes such as cocoa, coffee, citrus fruits and vanilla 
  • nutritional actives and functional ingredients, which can provide your confectionery offering with nutritional benefits to improve consumer perception
  • products that cater to allergies and intolerances such as gluten or lactose 
  • products that adhere strictly to the requirements of halal, kosher and pure veg accreditation. For example, our gelatin-free technology, HyfoamaTM, is a high performance aeration system widely used in sugar confectionery products. Hyfoama uses ingredients based on protein of dairy or vegetable origin, and is an ideal alternative to bovine gelatin.

Designing products that cater across day parts

Consumers want to feel connected to the food that they eat. They value brands that bolster their claim to their desired personal and social identity. We are all individuals and need the products we buy to cater to our identities and needs.

Kerry has a range of solutions to help you design confectionery products that cater to specific:

  • demographics and needs: products that have been designed for consumer groups as defined by age, gender and culture, or targeted to benefit individuals with particular dietary requirements 
  • occasions: products that are aligned with specific events or times of the day
  • attitudes: products that consumers feel proud to be associated with because they reflect a particular aspect of their character

Kerry has a comprehensive suite of process applications to make your customised confectionery innovations a reality. 

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