Take a closer look at your enzyme strategy to help improve layer performance and egg profitability

The quality of eggs and the efficiency of their production is directly associated with the hen’s diet. Non-starch polysaccharides (NSP) found in layer feed ingredients negatively effect the nutritional value and digestibility of the diet. It is also widely accepted that as many as 10% of eggs are uncollectable due to factors including cracked or broken eggshells. Additional profit losses can occur if eggs are downgraded because they don’t meet hygiene standards.

Download to our latest research to see how Kerry AlphaGal™/AGal-Pro™ can help:

  • Decrease feed costs by maximizing the nutritive value of layer feed
  • Improve feed digestibility with reduced metabolizable energy by sparing more energy and amino acids
  • Improve egg quality and profitability of egg production

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