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Hot Topic: Snacking under the nutrition lens

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Case study: Packing in protein for weight management


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Forging new frontiers for nutritional beverages

Obesity is the most common nutritional disorder in the world – with 65% of the world’s population living in countries where obesity is a major contributor to mortality.

Declan Goode, Kerry’s Director of Beverage Applications, explains how nutritional beverages can provide a solution.

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Meeting the demand for positive nutrition

This global obesity epidemic has sparked a growing awareness among consumers about the link between diet and health, increasing the demand for positive nutrition. Consumers are looking for food and beverage products that deliver the nutrition they want and offer tangible health benefits such as helping them manage their weight.

Kerry has been researching and developing nutrition solutions for more than 30 years, to help a growing number of people achieve their goals of reaching and maintaining their optimal weight in ways that are both healthy and sustainable. Our experienced and dedicated R&D and nutrition teams work alongside key research institutes and universities as part of our research programme, placing us at the cutting edge of scientific developments.

The obesity epidemic 

Global obesity prevalence has doubled since 1980. Approximately one billion adults are currently overweight and 700million are obese. Obesity is now the most common nutritional disorder in the world and is a major risk factor for cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, musculoskeletal disorders and some cancers.

Nutrition for weight management

Nutritional considerations for weight management include portion and calorie control to support energy balance, protein and fibre intake for appetite regulation and satiety purposes, nutrient density to provide balanced nutrition and lower sugar and fat intake to avoid empty calories. 

The role of protein

Protein also plays a central role in weight management. Due to the growing body of evidence demonstrating its effect on satiety, appetite regulation and the reduction of cardiovascular disease, consumer demand for protein continues to grow.

Plant protein is of particular interest to consumers who have an increasing awareness of allergies and intolerances and/or growing concerns about the ethical, environmental and health issues associated with animal protein. 

Kerry shares its expertise

Our research programme, places us at the cutting edge of scientific developments in the field and our experienced and dedicated R&D and nutrition teams work alongside key research institutes and universities to ensure we stay ahead of the curve.

Kerry’s nutrition scientists, work closely with our applications and technology experts to formulate innovative, scientifically supported, nutritious products that taste great. Our holistic approach means we can help you to develop great tasting weight management solutions across multiple applications and formats which can be customised to your specific needs.

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