Case study: Immune-boosting performance beverage

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The Hyprol™ sports drink concept for improved muscle energy

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Glucose availability and insulin concentrations in the blood determine the rate of glucose uptake and glycogen synthesis in skeletal muscles. After endurance or high-intensity exercise, athletes have used up their glycogen reserves. Read our white paper on how Hyprol™ improves muscle energy, by André Siemensma and Dr Marcel Hakkaart.

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Performance nutrition goes mainstream

The performance nutrition market, previously limited to athletes and body builders, now has two distinct sub-categories – those products designed for the high performance market (elite athletes) and those marketed towards recreational and lifestyle users. It is the latter who are currently driving rapid growth in this market.

As a result, there is a wide range of performance nutrition products available to support active lifestyles, improve physical endurance, increase muscle growth and development, and support muscle recovery.

People are now consuming performance nutrition as a healthy snack, a refreshing beverage, a quick and easy meal replacement, an energy boost or a step towards improved health.

Protein is king

Protein products dominate global performance nutrition accounting for 80% of the market and this is expected to continue. Supplemental protein in various forms is a practical way of ensuring adequate and quality protein intake for athletes and physically active individuals. 

Kerry – number one globally

One of the key challenges associated with products fortified with protein or fibre is that they often have a negative impact on taste and consumer enjoyment of the food or beverage. Kerry is number one globally for taste and nutrition solutions. 

We take an integrated approach that combines science, innovation and applications expertise to enable our customers to develop nutritional bars and beverages without compromising on taste, texture and ultimately consumer enjoyment.

Meeting your needs

Our fully customisable solutions enable our customers to develop unique performance nutrition products that target specific lifestyle, exercise and recovery requirements for their consumers.

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