Healthy ageing

Nutrition needs change over time. Our team can help you create products that best serve
the populations you’re trying to reach.

Meeting nutritional needs of an ageing population

The population of the world is getting older, presenting both a challenge and opportunity for food producers. By 2050, more than one in every five people will be aged 60 or above. That is a diverse group of people with a wide variety of lifestyles and differing physical and mental capacities and needs.

More than 40% of seniors cannot find foods that meet their special nutritional diets.

Here at Kerry, we understand the market and the complexity of identifying good nutritional solutions.

We focus on delivering unique taste and nutritional needs by working closely with our customers to deliver solutions that appeal to today's senior consumer. We have a range of targeted nutrition solutions that aid everything from weight management to performance management.

Food and beverage for changing tastes

While health claims are a consideration, seniors around the world still make taste their number one priority. We also know that, over the years, taste preferences and sensitivities change. And so we work with our partners to overcome this challenge by creating foods and beverages specifically for this market.

At Kerry, we are developing and innovating for this growing demographic, helping seniors to find the products that meet both their nutritional and taste needs. We are helping to look beyond innovation to develop how we and our customers communicate with this group in a way that is respectful, not defined by age and overall is appealing.

We understand that consumers in this group want to feel less vulnerable when it comes to health and also to have more vitality. We know that they want to add life to their years, not years to their lives. And we understand that many senior consumers feel much younger than their actual age.

Nutritional need state for seniors: bone and joint health, muscle health, heart heath, cognitive health, digestive health, weight management and diabetes, immune health and malnutrition.

Contact us if you’re creating a product for the senior consumer market.