Nutrition Insights

The nutritional landscape is always changing. We stay one step ahead by understanding the nutritional needs of consumers across their many different life stages.

Defining the nutrition landscape

Consumers are taking a much greater interest in nutrition and re-evaluating their diets. They are paying more attention to the nutritional components as a route to better health.

This proactive and reactive approach has led to increased demand for food and beverages that are made from natural ingredients or are free from allergens, artificial colours, flavours and other ingredients. Consumers today are seeking products that have recognisable ingredients and contain low or no added sugar, reduced calories, fat and sodium and are free from artificial preservatives.

Our customers have access to Kerry's unique and comprehensive insights into the nutritional needs of consumers around the world – segmented by life stage, cultural and demographic trends, dietary restrictions, health guidelines and physiological need states. Our continued investment in understanding the changing landscape of health and nutrition enables us to better help customers stay ahead of trends driven by new nutritional demands and changing global and economic dynamics.

With our extensive market insight and nutrition expertise, we have defined a nutrition and general wellness landscape that meets the needs of these market drivers and is made up of four key pillars:
  • Free from
  • Better for you
  • Good for you
  • Tailored for you

Our expertise in the area of nutritional science is helping our customers around the world to deliver more innovative and nutritious products.

Better for you

The US weight loss and weight management market is forecast to reach $206.4bn by 2019. [Markets and Markets]. As the DIY dieting trend continues, medical weight loss programs endorsed by doctors and the meal replacement category will outperform the rest of the market.

The majority of consumers believe in a balanced diet and that unhealthy indulgences need to be moderated or replaced with guilt-free options. This pillar emphasises balance and moderation and focuses on tasteful solutions to products with 'diet', 'low' or 'less' tags.

We can reduce sugar, salt and fat while at the same time optimising taste and providing consumers with choices that are more balanced, helping to control their weight and optimise their health, while not compromising on great taste and offering a rewarding eating experience.

Free From

More than 80% of free-from purchasers indicate they are buying free-from foods because they are seeking more natural or less processed foods. This is contributing to the surge in purchase of items free of GMOs, high-fructose corn, syrup, preservatives, and growth hormones. [Mintel, May 2015]

These consumers are seeking to eliminate particular nutrients or food types from their diets due to health or medical concerns. So our emphasis is on avoidance and developing free-from or product variants.

At Kerry, we create better tasting alternatives for products addressing food intolerance including low, no or reduced lactose and gluten. We are specialists in providing clean label solutions across the entire spectrum of food and beverages.

Good for you

Today consumers want to hear about what they CAN eat, not what they can't.

This area focuses on positive nutrition such as functional products, 'superfoods' and 'natural foods'. This is important for self-accountable consumers who have specific dietary needs or who believe that diet and nutrition are important routes to general wellness.

We fortify food and beverages with ingredients such as protein, micronutrients and healthy lipids and ensure excellent carbohydrate quality – creating food that is naturally good for you.

Tailored for you

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, roughly 25% of the world's population will be obese by 2020. Obesity has been linked to many of the leading causes of preventable death, such as heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, and certain kinds of cancer.

Here, Kerry's focus is on targeted nutrition – important for those with specific nutritional needs based on their health situation and/or life stage. This includes individuals with specific health or medical conditions, such as diabetes or heart disease. Life stages that demand specific nutritional requirements include infant and toddler, maternal and senior populations.

Athletes also fall into this area of focus as they have unique nutritional requirements that vary throughout the training regime.

We can help develop great tasting products that are specifically designed to provide nutrition for infants and toddlers as well as food and beverages that enhance performance, help manage weight and optimise nutrition for healthcare across all need states.

For example, infants, athletes, seniors, and individuals with specific health or medical conditions, such as diabetes or heart disease would fall into this area of focus.

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