Market Insights

Understanding the marketplace

At Kerry, we understand both the marketplace dynamics that influence consumer behaviour and regulatory environments, impacting new product development.

We keep our customers ahead of the curve by staying focused on emerging culinary and market trends, and we use our global reach to identify new areas of opportunity for our customers’ brands, products and categories.
We go to great lengths to observe, listen, identify and translate market data and purchase dynamics into all products we develop. We do this by partnering with all major market research companies, both globally and locally, and utilising the most innovative research methods through social media listening, mobile technology and data analytics.

Every day, we collect and analyse massive amounts of market data across every category and segment of the food, beverage and pharma industries. We then match it against the ambitions of consumers and the capabilities of our customers, identifying gaps in the market, new product opportunities and strategies for growth. It is this combination of data science and our taste and nutrition technologies that allows us to deliver solid solutions for food, beverage and pharma.
At Kerry we lead to better market knowledge.

Market exploration

In the world of food, beverage and pharma, we lead the way to better through our continued exploration, analysis and understanding of where the market is today – and where it is going to be tomorrow.

We use human and digital methodologies to scan both the physical and virtual worlds. 

We utilise a series of data capture resources to uncover the world’s newest product launches and chart the world of flavours across the entire spectrum of food and beverage, locally and around the globe.

Culinary experts

Kerry's world-class expertise is further enhanced by our global team of baristas, mixologists, and classically trained chefs that bring the marketplace into the kitchens and ultimately to the conference rooms guiding ideation and key decisions for new products, concepts and food and beverage platforms.


Where would we be without fundamentally understanding the heart and minds of the consumer? We dive into market exploration and utilise mobile and digital methodologies to scan the world of social media and blogs.

Our proprietary Scan the Crowd analysis tool allows for us to listen and translate the voice of the consumer in the social media space into actionable product solutions. We infiltrate the marketplace by attending the most innovative culinary and professional events, industry leading tradeshows, and visiting the trendiest food and beverage establishments around the globe.

To keep up with this rapidly changing global consumer landscape, we track movement in real time via our Trendspotting APP capturing the hottest trends seen around the world and accessible by our global panel of insight experts that craft this knowledge and insight into our development process. If it’s being talked about, we'll be there checking it out.


In addition, our proprietary Kerry Consumer Radar allows for fast access to our global internal and external panels so we can translate product usage, attitudes and opinions into solid concepts in a matter of days.

Kerry's RapidFireTM ideation process allows for unrivalled speed to market – from mining the big data to eating the streets for inspiration to the spark of an idea to development and consumer validation in less than a week. This process allows for market data, market exploration and rapid ideation to come to life with our customers in our state of the art Taste and Nutrition Discovery Centers around the world.

Market and regulatory knowledge

At Kerry, we don’t just look at the marketplace, we live it. We stay informed by fully understanding the vast amount of choices a consumer has to make minute by minute.

Having an in-depth understanding of where the consumer is shopping, what categories they prefer and the products and brands that resonate with them is vital to developing detailed market reviews and white space analysis across foodservice, retail and ecommerce platforms.

We are constantly monitoring the food and beverage industry around the world. Conducting regular category audits and understanding the characteristics of winning products (claims, ingredients, flavours, positionings, etc.) 

Our MarketWatch platform allows for a 360o view understanding size, trajectory and trends impacting all food and beverage categories. We utilise this information as a springboard for identifying optimisation potential for existing products, or capitalising on white space opportunities.

We virtually walk in the shoes of consumers via our proprietary set of Kerry consumer and market discovery tools. 

Our MarketShoes platform allow us to observe the marketplace from the shopping perspective of the consumer and develop the right solutions that fit the right consumer need at the right point of the shopping experience.

Understanding the consumer and the marketplace is only one part of the equation. We also keep our finger on the pulse of the industry's ever-changing regulatory dynamics and assist our customers in navigating the regulatory environment to produce products that not only meet consumer wants, but also government requirements.

Through our consumer listening and marketplace monitoring process, we also stay closely connected to the regulatory environment and map consumer wants and needs to the ever-changing regulatory dynamics around the world and specifically in different regions. We track the world of regulatory by monitoring all governmental agencies, bloggers and key regulatory sites to assure customers are up-to-date on all issues facing the food and beverage industry.

Market drivers

There are a multitude of factors driving consumers’ purchasing decisions, and we track these changes from a macro-level perspective. Across all categories, we monitor the monumental shifts in demographics, changing family structures and shifting values to environmental catastrophes, extreme weather conditions and technological and healthcare innovations.

The world today is changing rapidly, and through our vast and deep understanding of all things food, beverage and pharma, we help customers stay one step ahead.

We monitor a large number of economic, political, social and environmental factors that are influencing consumers’ daily lives and try to predict future purchasing decisions.

  • GDP
  • Consumer Confidence Index
  • Big Mac Index
  • gas price fluctuations
  • interest rate increases
  • stock market bullish and bear periods
  • overall seasonality forecasts
  • commodity indexes
  • global currency fluctuations
  • war and conflicts

In this fast-paced global economy, customers leverage Kerry to understand how a slight change half way around the globe or a major factor in the local market, will influence their consumers’ purchase behaviours.