Social Media and Food

Social food sharing: We’re listening, developing and innovating

By 2017, the number of social network users worldwide is expected to reach 2.55bn*.

Here at Kerry, we know that social media is a rich source of insight, and we’re listening to what consumers are saying about food on social media. 

Staying close to the conversation allows us to really understand what consumers need and want from their food and beverage choices.

Ultimately, we’re leveraging the power of social networks to get to know consumers by demographic, which helps us develop better products they love and will repeatedly purchase.

Consumers with global mindsets… a world of opportunity

Consumers have broader awareness of food and beverage brands around the world and actively seek out those they find attractive.

They are tapped into the world, new cultures and cuisines that are now readily accessible to them, and they want to share their eating experiences. Social sharing platforms enable passionate, engaging home chefs to become household names who are increasingly influential.

These up-and-coming chefs are fueling interest in home cooking using new ingredients and are changing the way the we source new recipes. 

Food bloggers are creating solutions for consumer needs – meals that can be prepared in minutes to suit busy lifestyles, guilt-free ‘cheat’ dishes for those trying to stay healthy or simply reinvented classics using their own unique twist. Without limitations or operational boundaries, these foodies are often the most innovative and creative when it comes to product development.

Social media is a space where food manufacturers can gain consumer insight and observe first-hand consumer experiences. Many foodservice outlets use such platforms to develop new menu offerings based on consumer feedback and suggestions. It has become a key avenue of market exposure and is an essential element to success in today’s fast-moving, consumer-led industry. From our own experience and insight, we understand this change and can see how food and beverage brands are communicating differently with their audiences.

Here at Kerry, this knowledge is accelerating the pace of product development. We’re guiding and enabling the future success of our customers by helping them to stay ahead of consumer wants and needs. Talk to us to find out how our consumer insights, our expertise and our products and solutions can help guide your product development.

*Source: Worldwide Social Network Users: 2013 Forecast and Comparative Estimates